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Posted on:4,Feb'17

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This is part of our series of monthly blog posts where we answer certain frequently asked questions we face in our calls to view the entire series, PleaseClick Here

Q.  I am an adult male from West Bengal and recently been diagnosed with gynaecomastia. I wanted to know how this could have happened and also whether is cancerous or not ?

A. Gynaecomastia is a condition in which the male breast tissues gets swollen and this is mainly due to the hormonal imbalance in the body. It is advised to consult your primary physician before proceeding further.

Q. I have been diagnosed with lipoma and wanted to whether this is cancerous or not ?

A. Lipoma is very common and these are not cancerous - lipoma is the growth of the fatty tissues and usually found just below the skin and muscle layer. Please consult a doctor so that it can be checked properly and proceed accordingly.

Q. I have been diagnosed with Astrocytoma (brain tumour) and as part of the treatment surgery and radiation are already done. This was followed by a CT scan after a few months, as advised by our doctors. We wanted to understand the current status and what to do next ?

A. As per our panel of doctors, the reports do not show any recurrence. Moving forward you should regular check-ups as advised by your primary physicians and any irregular symptoms should be conveyed immediately to your oncologist.

Q.  My wife has a Fibroadenoma is her breast and our consulting doctor has asked us to take a fine needle aspiration cytology test (FNAC) test. We wanted to know if this is cancerous and would surgery be required ?

A.  After careful reviewing of your case, our panel of doctors have informed that this is a benign tumour and not cancerous. Surgery option depends on the size of the tumour and normally the doctor observes the tumour and in case it is growing then they will suggest for surgery. Please do consult your doctor and act accordingly.

Q.  I am an adult male from Haryana and have been diagnosed with bladder cancer. Treatment is going on, but due financial constraints it is difficult for us to cover the treatment costs. We would like some information and /or financial help ?

A.  Following are the NGO details in Haryana that may provide some help. Kindly contact the organization to know about the formalities and process.                             

    1. Global Cancer Concern India
       Address: C-659, Sushant Lok Phase – 1,
       Gurgaon – 122009 (Haryana)
       Phone number: 0124-2564473/ 74/ 75                                              

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